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About Sarah 

Singer, songwriter, model, director, video artist - Sarah Bugar is as visionary as she is various.

Her grandparents, who were opera singers and music professors, shaped her musical side early on.The 26-year-old from Munich has also been in front of the camera as a model for Vogue and Elegant Magazine. She traveled around the world for more than half a year and saw more than 25 countries. A shaping experience in which she learned to be thankful and to love life.

After a heartbreak and the hard impact of the first lockdown, she started writing songs in her room on her guitar. Through writing, she gains new courage to believe in herself. She decides to focus on the music. In cooperation with the music producer Thomas Eifert, new songs and productions are created.
The new experiences and the belief in yourself inspired her to her debut single - "New Beginnings“. A song full of hope and a melancholic moods at the same time. Sarah's dreamy voice mixes with electronic beats and energetic 80s synths. "Cause everything new, only starts with an end". Only when something old is about to end, something new begins.

Sarah has opened a new chapter. She goes her own way to find herself between artists like Avec and Boy.

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